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Adam Pedestal - 35 inch (TLB490)

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An elegant pedestal in the popular style of the architect Robert Adam. The fluted shaft with palmette leaf detailing to the capital and base makes it perfect for a small garden urn, finial, bust or ornament.
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Detailed, robust and frost-proof pedestal that comes in three pieces – the cap, the shaft and the base.
  • The pedestal will weather over time and last for many years
  • Elevate your Haddonstone urns, busts and sundials on this pedestal for greater prominence and visibility
  • Perfect for interior or exterior settings
  • Available in two different sizes 35 inch and 42 inch
Please note: It’s essential that your Adam Pedestal is located on a firm and level area to suit site conditions and loadings. An 8-to-1 sand/cement bedding mortar should be used to ensure that the weight of the pedestal and bust is spread evenly across the base of the pedestal, avoiding any pivoting or twisting strain. We cannot accept responsibility for cracking or breakage if this instruction is ignored.