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Cedar greenhouse The Wisley

The cedar greenhouse, The Wisley, is the perfect choice for ambitious garden enthusiasts seeking both elegance and functionality. With enough space for vegetables, flowers and even a cozy seating area, you can really maximize your growing and enjoy the garden all year round.

The Wisley is a popular model from The Royal Horticultural Society Collection, with its impressive dimensions of almost three meters in width. It's the ultimate low-maintenance wooden greenhouse, as cedar's natural strength and ability to age beautifully make it an excellent choice for outdoor use.

Gabriel Ash's greenhouses are equipped with unique roof ventilation along the entire roof ridge, which provides outstanding ventilation and optimal growth conditions for your plants. Every detail, from the beautiful spire to the narrow glazing and the option to choose between cedar paneling or brick parapeting, adds to its charm and functionality.

You can also adapt the greenhouse to your needs and extend it if necessary. Our customer service is ready to help you with any questions or requests.

- Width: 2672 mm
- Height: 3002 mm
- Length: from 3512 mm
- Double hinged door as standard
- Bricked base or panel in cedar wood

If you want a model with a raised wall life for a centrally located door on the long side, you can explore our models RHS Grande. This model not only provides more space for growing, but also an impressive working environment with increased height throughout the greenhouse.

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we present

Cedar greenhouse The Wisley

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