Step by step to your orangery

We understand the importance of you feeling safe and guided throughout the process of creating your new orangery. Whether it is your first time with a glass house or not, we strive to offer a supportive and trust-inspiring collaboration.

Our well-established process from the first vision to the finished orangery is designed to ensure that the result meets your expectations and wishes. We are with you from start to finish and are there to answer questions, offer advice and guidance and deal with any concerns that may arise along the way.

You can count on us to be your trusted partner throughout the construction process and to work together to create an orangery that not only meets, but exceeds your expectations. Your satisfaction and safety is our top priority.

Step by step to your orangery:

Introductory meeting

During the initial meeting with one of our architects, we focus on understanding your project and your vision for the extension. We also discuss any challenges that may arise in connection with the extension and how it will integrate harmoniously into your garden environment.

Before the meeting, we ask you to prepare and bring pictures and drawings of your existing house if available. This gives us a clearer picture of your property and possible integration points for the extension.

We recommend that the meeting be held digitally to facilitate the sharing of drawings and images. This gives us the opportunity to jointly go through the existing drawings of the house, look at pictures and property maps. In addition, we can show examples and images from previous projects that Vansta has carried out, which can inspire and guide us in the design of your own project.

By carefully discussing and analyzing your needs and wishes as well as challenging any conditions and limitations, we can together create a solid foundation for the upcoming work with your extension.

Presentation of proposals

After our initial meeting and discussion of your wants and needs for your orangery, we start working on different design proposals. We use advanced 3D modeling to create realistic visualizations of how your orangery will look.

We then present 2-3 different design options in the form of rendered 3D models, where each option is shown in detail with different functions, layouts and aesthetic details. Following the presentation of these proposals, you will receive a PDF documentation with images and descriptions of each option for your review and feedback.

You have the opportunity to comment and provide feedback on each proposal, including any changes or adjustments you would like to make. We then take your requests and revise the design proposals according to your comments.

After that, we have another review where we present the revised design options and continue to fine-tune them until we have found the optimal design that fully meets your wishes and needs. In this way, we ensure that the end result is exactly as you want it.
Preparation of building permit documents

Building permit

In most cases, either a building permit or building notification is required for your new or extension. We are here to help you through the entire process and ensure that all necessary documents and permits are taken care of.

We take responsibility for compiling and creating all the documents required to apply for planning permission, including any declarations of performance and other permits that may be required for your specific project. We strive to make the application process as smooth as possible for you.

When it's time to submit your application for a building permit, you can easily do it via your municipality's website using your BankID. If you wish, we can also support you in this process and help you submit the application correctly and on time.

Our goal is to make it easy for you by taking care of all the administrative details so you can focus on seeing your vision come true.

Order confirmation and signing

When you are ready to proceed with your order after receiving your planning permission, we will prepare an order confirmation for you to review and sign. The order confirmation will include all agreed drawings, terms and other specifications that we have reviewed together during our planning process.

It is important that you carefully review the order confirmation and its attachments to ensure that everything is correct according to your wishes and requirements. If there are any questions or changes you want to make, it's best to address them before you sign the document.

When you are satisfied with the content of the order confirmation and are ready to proceed, you can sign the document and return it to us. This marks the start of the actual production and delivery process for your orangery or conservatory. We always strive to ensure that every step of the process is clearly communicated and that you feel safe with the decisions that are made.

Production, delivery and assembly planning

We coordinate delivery and assembly in our calendar to ensure that it suits both our production and our assembly team, as well as that it is convenient for you as a customer. Before construction begins, you will receive a complete ground plan from us. Before we create this drawing, we will discuss your technical installation needs, such as electrical, brickwork and other specialist tradesmen.

We also offer project management for the entire construction process if desired. This means that we take care of coordinating all the craftsmen involved and make sure that everything goes smoothly and according to plan. In this way, you can feel confident that your project will be handled professionally and efficiently from start to finish.

Control measurement and preparations for construction

In the case of an extension, we always carry out a control measurement of the existing property to ensure correct placement and prepare for a seamless integration between the existing property and the new extension. We can also organize a meeting with the contractor responsible for the earthworks to ensure everything goes smoothly and according to plan.

We also offer advice when needed and can provide a dedicated project manager for planning important aspects such as lighting, heating, flooring and other details. For detached orangeries, no control measurement is normally carried out, but this can be arranged at an additional cost if required. In this way, we can ensure that your extension or your orangery will be exactly as you wish.

Transport and unloading of goods

When your conservatory is delivered, it usually includes large and heavy parts that require unloading with a crane truck or a loader. It is crucial that disassembly is carried out according to our specific instructions to avoid damage to the parts. We take care of the transport and unloading of your goods to ensure that the process is carried out smoothly and safely.

Your orangery is insured during transport until it has been unloaded at your location. We take all necessary steps to ensure your conservatory arrives in good condition and is installed correctly on your property.

Assembly and self-checks

After the assembly of your orangery or conservatory is complete, we carry out thorough self-checks to ensure that everything is correctly installed and meets the highest standards. Any inspection remarks are addressed according to current rules and regulations to ensure that the result is of high quality.

Our assembly team has solid experience with over 20 years of practical work and are highly skilled in their field. We prioritize their work environment and safety and you will receive clear instructions from us throughout the process. Normally, both fall protection and the use of a crane truck are required for certain parts of the work to ensure safety and efficiency.

In many cases, we carry out our work in places that are far from our installers' homes, which may mean that they need accommodation during the course of the work. We are responsible for booking and arranging accommodation that suits both our installers' and your best interests.

Through this careful process, we ensure that your orangery or conservatory is built according to your specific wishes and with the highest possible quality. After completion of assembly, we can provide descriptions and certificates for all parts in our delivery for your documentation and peace of mind.