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Cedar greenhouse The Hyde Hall

Greenhouse The Hyde Hall, just like all the greenhouses in the RHS series, has the beautiful roof angle of 45 degrees and a final turned spire. It not only gives the greenhouse an appearance reminiscent of the beautiful greenhouses of the Victorian era, but also generously with volume and height. A large air volume provides an even climate in your cedar greenhouse, good for your plants and pleasant for you too.

Hyde Hall is a medium-sized greenhouse for you who need to save space in your garden. You plan the interior of your greenhouse based on needs, and here there is both space for a table for a lovely coffee time and growing tubs or fixed beds. As in all our wooden greenhouses, you choose a length with a fixed width.

The Hyde Hall wooden greenhouse fits in most gardens. Hand built by Gabriel Ash from strong and straight cedar wood. Like many of the Gabriel Ash greenhouses, you can choose to replace the lower cedar panel with brick or other stone masonry if it fits better with surrounding buildings. You will receive the drawing of the groundwork when we receive your order.
You can do the assembly yourself, but if you want help from our fitters, just let us know.
Width: 2308 mm
Height: 2820 mm
Length from 3092 mm
Single door as standard
Can be obtained on a brick basis or with a cedar panel

Price example for a greenhouse on a brick foundation including VAT and shipping.

A number of greenhouses in the RHS collection can be obtained with raised wall life, which gives the opportunity to place a door centered on the long side. See our product range RHS grande. The raised wall gives the greenhouse even more cultivation volume and of course also affects the total height, which then becomes 3242 mm. This model is extremely nice and you immediately get a more powerful greenhouse with a nice working height all the way.

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we present

Cedar greenhouse The Hyde Hall

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