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The PIMPINELL orangery

Our Orangery PIMPINELL is the largest standard model at 39.7 m2, perfect for those looking for a magnificent English-style greenhouse with a Wow effect. Once again, we have created a greenhouse with truly classic proportions - a real gem for those who have space. For the commercial grower or the garden cafe, this greenhouse is optimal. The dream of many and regardless of a magical house.

With classic proportions and an impressive length of 9.5 meters, this is truly a dream greenhouse for gardening enthusiasts and commercial growers. We offer flexibility in planning and can divide the surface with internal walls to create different climate zones. If you live within a town-planned area, you should absolutely apply for planning permission for this house. Otherwise, check with your municipality about what

Our customers appreciate the striking appearance and hidden strength of our greenhouses, which are part of The Rose Greenhouse Collection. With extra options such as cold benches, fixed beds and the possibility of extra doors or a fireplace, we can tailor your greenhouse experience as needed.

We also offer reinforcements with steel in the eaves for areas with specific requirements for snow and wind loads. To avoid surprises, we recommend that you apply for planning permission if you live within a town-planned area.

The Rose Greenhouse Collection is known for both its beauty and strength. Our greenhouses are designed with tradition in mind but are adapted to the needs of modern customers. With completely hidden assembly parts and a modernized profile that can handle all technical installations, our greenhouses are a safe choice for quality-conscious customers.

We are proud that our profile has recently been approved by English Heritage, confirming our high standards in terms of both design and quality." beds.

Surface: 39.7 m²
Doors: Double swing door in front porch
Roof hatches: 8 skylights, 8 wall windows
Glass: 4 mm tempered safety glass
Building permit: Building permit is required

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we present

The PIMPINELL orangery

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